*Cost inc fees

The amount must be a multiple of 10

Exchange Rate:

We use a real-time rate, for best prices. This may update prior to you booking your transfer.

Send USD cash to your
loved ones instantly.

and they will enjoy …..

Options for beneficiary to receive funds

  • 1. Cash pick-up

    CBZ Touch, CBZ ATM, CBZ Agent or CBZ Branch

  • 2. Into USD account

    CBZ Bank


Our Story

Zestful Innovative Knowledge-based International remittances (ZIKI) is an idea anchored on re-establishing control in the employment of Diaspora remittances by seeing the bigger picture of financial planning,investment and employment access to funds. Driven by the need to empower the society aided by CBZ products and services we are cognisant of creating conditions that facilitate and encourage the investment of remittances and other financial resources from the diaspora. One key element in those conditions is financial inclusion, which facilitates the accumulation of assets, the leverage of assets available for investment and the management of risks in Zimbabwe.

Information required to
send money to Zimbabwe

Money transfers to Zimbabwe require ZikiCash registration. On your Android or iOS phone, you can use the ZikiCash app or the website to complete the transaction. First, introduce yourself to us. To register, please fill in the registration from with your full name, email, mobile number, gender, birthdate, and address.

Authenticating your data

We`ll use an OTP to confirm your mobile phone number. Identity
verification takes a few minutes. If there is a delay, we’ll let you know right away.

Send funds with Zikicash

1. Register
Start your journey with ZikiCash send.zikicash.com
2. Add Beneficiary
For ease of regular transacting use the MY BENEFICIARY feature
3.Send Money
Send money securely by bank transfer, VISA or mastercards


Does beneficiary need to be a CBZ account holder to cash out at an ATM?

No, any Zikicash beneficiary can cash out at any CBZ ATM using the special code provided.*

* For KYC purposes, non-CBZ customers are required to have redeemed funds (sent via Zikicash or any of our remittance partners) from any CBZ branch at least once.

How do I send money with Zikicash?

You can send with Zikicash in just a few simple steps. You can do this on the webpage send.zikicash.com or using the app (recommended). Enter how much you want to send, input your ID and beneficiary details and you’re good to go! You can pay using any Visa, Mastercard or via bank transfer.

What options are available for beneficiary to get the funds sent?
  1. Funds can be sent for cash-pickup by the beneficiary. The beneficiary can get funds on CBZ Touch, CBZ ATM, CBZ Agent or CBZ Branch
  2. Funds can be sent directly into the beneficiary’s USD account at CBZ Bank.
How do I get help?

Please get in touch with us on any of the following, we will do our best to assist you.